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Alex G Shahid

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I was a 23-year-old college student at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) when I started my LegalShield business. I worked in a restaurant and did personal training to make extra money. My father owned his own business, and when I graduated, it was set up for me to come in and take over.
One day I recruited a guy out of my management class, at UA, as a training client of mine. He asked me if I would like to take a look at a project he’s working on, and I said sure. He gave me a DVD, and everything changed from there. I realized the services could have saved me $1,600 on the attorney’s fees for a speeding ticket I received a year before. I was totally enamored by the incredible value the membership created. I launched my business with a Private Business Reception and saw an incredible opportunity to empower people and make an income with my friends.
It was an incredible journey of personal development and growth that first year. After going to my first national convention and seeing the big picture, I knew one day I could be on that stage and be one of the stories the company shared from stage. By the time graduation came around after steadily building my business, I never created a resume or took a job. I was ready to do LegalShield full time! Fast forward six years later in 2016, and I’ve achieved the Bronze Executive Director level, the $50,000 ring**, and my wife, Julia, and I introduced our first son, George, into the world!
In 2016, I was asked to participate in and host a Millennial Panel on stage at the National Convention in Oklahoma City. It was such an honor to speak on the very stage that I first saw my mentors change my life forever. This year is going to be a banner year in LegalShield! Our goal is to achieve the rank of Platinum, the $100,000 ring, and bring home Julia from her job to be a full-time mommy!

*Actual LegalShield independent associate. Click here for information on generally expected earnings.