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Darlene A Quincy

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Broadcasting, Education, Information Technology, Management


My journey with LegalShield started about 16 years ago as a member. My late husband, David Quincy, was introduced to this company by a fellow friend, Jay Newsome. We thought we were doing him a favor by signing up for the membership. Mr. Quincy was a LegalShield Associate for 14 years, until Monday, March 24, 2014, following his briefing, a tragedy changed our lives forever. David was stabbed from behind by my nephew, (my sister’s son). David passed away from his injuries, and my nephew who is still in the legal system was later diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. David’s only mission was to help a young man, who had been lost and was hurting because of the loss of his own mother and father due to cancer. See, hurt people hurt other people, and our goal was to have him come live with us to help get him back on a better path. As you are reading this, one may say why would you share this personal story? Well, my story must be told because this tragedy has become my “Why” for doing LegalShield. It has also allowed me to heal from the grief that thought it would cause me to bend. In the face of adversity, I had a choice to make. Would I continue what David often spoke about leaving a legacy for his family or would I allow someone else to live out the dreams he placed on his vision board? The cheese had been moved.
This personal story is now my testimony because I needed legal advice immediately. Plus, there were questions on whether I would pursue taking over the LegalShield business, which was a clear NO, at first. I’m thankful that I had a lot of small pushes in the right direction. One day I decided to attend Mr. Alistair Edwards’ group training to understand how the group side worked since David had so many groups. The following Monday, I showed up to the Monday night briefing and declared I would be carrying forward the Quincy legacy. I shocked myself because I was literally just going to check out the meeting!
I had no idea how I could do this with an already a full load working full time, having children to take care of, participating in activities and so much more. My older step-children—Kyle, 22, and Kayla, 21—are in college in New Orleans. Austin, 12, and Paige, 10, are on a competitive swim team. Austin plays flag football also, and Paige is on a competitive cheer team too. I’m also very active as a praise and worship leader at World Changers in Atlanta. While I’m busy, so are others too, but they find a way.
What I like best about this opportunity is that it’s allowed me to continue having the life that our dream board displayed. No longer a dream, but a reality. This business has allowed me to grow in so many ways by doing a few simple repeatable things, reading 10 pages of a good book before going to bed and by jumping by faith into this business, I know Mr. Quincy is proud and it’s time to take this business to the next level.
My greatest accomplishments have been becoming a LegalShield Associate, creating a business name that gives honor to Mr. Quincy’s legacy, now called the “Quincy Legacy Group,” and reaching the Bronze Executive Director level.
I want to thank my team because they waited for me and never gave up knowing that I would take the charge and lead a great team of winners. My goal for this year was to help others on my team by having 90-day run calls with no excuses. With the help of my team, I can say I earned my own $100,000 ring. David earned the $100,000 ring already, but I have my eyes set on the $150,000 ring this year! Thank you, Mr. Quincy, for leaving a great legacy for our family. I give honor to him and LegalShield for this incredible opportunity.

*Actual LegalShield independent associate. Click here for information on generally expected earnings.