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Guy Cundiff

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Administration/Clerical, Education, School Bus Driver


Before LegalShield, I was a teacher and administrator in Christian education, and I found myself working “eight to faint.” I asked God, “How can I help more people and have MORE TIME?”
LegalShield has afforded me more time to spend with my family—my wife and daughter, Ethel and Rachel—to wake up every morning with passion, vision, and inspiration to serve the masses. I’m no longer told what to do, but instead I’m led to serve, to travel and to DREAM BIG!
Before LegalShield, I was looking for freedom with passion! While visiting family in New Jersey, my prayers were answered. I was invited to a LegalShield business briefing, and the presenter was Mr. Darnell Self. The benefit made sense to me, and I was encouraged to attend a local LegalShield briefing. With the help of this easy, proven system, I made extra money my first month. After 36 months, I was called to be a part of the LegalShield revolution. This opportunity continues to build our faith, giving us the opportunity to be flexible and to be an inspiration to a world in need of examples that All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM THAT BELIEVE.

*Actual LegalShield independent associate. Click here for information on generally expected earnings.