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Mike, Steve & Kim Melia

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We have been blessed with another wonderful year with LegalShield, and we are reminded of the importance of being grateful and reminded of all the wonderful blessings that have filled our days and our nights.
Like every year for the last 18 years, we kicked the year off with big January events in Atlanta, Anaheim, and Detroit. Those kickoff events have been crucial to our long-term success with this amazing enterprise. It's at events like these that Steve and Mike first met Rob MacKenzie and Daryll Campbell. They walked up to us and told us they were on our team. Little did we know at the time that Rob and his lovely wife, Charlene, would come together with a band of true pioneers and open up the country of Canada back in 1999.
Rob also introduced Steve and Mike to the spiritual godmother of the Melia family—Kim Melia. (For those of you who are curious and want to know the whole story, pick up a copy of Steve's classic book, 162)
It was also at a big event that we met ring earner John Busch and our long-term leader Dia Lautenschlager, as well as ring earners Brad and Moira Roberts, Patti Stoltz, and the Sappingtons.
Other leaders we met at weekly briefings or private receptions - amazing friends like ring earner Bill and Michelle Guyther, ring earners Chip and Michelle Humphrey, Executive Director Mike Fedick, and on and on.
Events are key to the business. We were taught that there are three things we do: We market the membership. We promote the opportunity. We build for events.
We have stood by these ideas for decades, and we have traveled the country sharing the simple yet valuable approach we have learned. Following these ideas has enabled us to attract an extraordinary cast of characters who have dedicated themselves to creating success with LegalShield.
We have also embraced the idea of the slight edge --- which says success is the result of simple actions taken over and over again - wherein any single activity doesn't seem to make much difference, but the compounded effect leads to massive success. This practice is particularly effective in network marketing. It also recognizes that we can walk a path of continual improvement, a term referred to as “kaizen.”
The third component of our success is building from event to event. We have successfully coached our leaders to build from their weekly events into Super Saturdays and from there to regional and corporate sponsored events. We also practice building from one big event to the next, more or less in 90-day cycles. We were taught that massive success could be achieved over a 3-to 5-year period. We broke those larger time frames into 90-day runs.
Our success has enabled us to pursue other goals. Steve has written two books about his experiences as a fanatical Yankee fan. He also has performed stand-up comedy across the USA and Canada. Steve also launched a weekly podcast this year, “The 162 Experience.”
As a team, we launched a non-profit——to raise money to build and sustain an orphanage in Guatemala. Kim happily leads that project into the future. She has added on the goal of building a girl's school in Antigua. This work has deepened her commitment to expressing compassion and love in all her activities. The children of the Hogar love her dearly.
Mike's daughter Jessi and her husband, Micah, blessed the family with Mike's fourth grandchild, Kai Michael Young. Mike's other daughter Daniele was part of the production team that brought the critically acclaimed film “Loving” to theaters everywhere.
“The best is yet to come,” said our CEO and fearless leader, Mr. Jeff Bell. Jeff has helped ignite a renewed enthusiasm for success in LegalShield with the entire Melia family team. As a team, we continue to deepen our commitment, support each other in success and work on our craft to become better and better LegalShield Associates. As a team, we have read many books together applying the simple disciplines of ongoing success and have practiced personal development daily.
Working with the Platinum World Council continues to be a wonderful endeavor and this year's Platinum trip was off the charts. We went to Rio de Janeiro to the Summer Olympics. It was a mind-blowing experience.
This year promises to be the best year ever. We are totally committed to “Vision 2020” and to making LegalShield a household name. We are grateful to our team leaders and all our Associates. We are grateful to all the field leaders and to the incredible corporate team that support our mission.
“We are the Melia family, and we are just getting started.”

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