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Todd Allen

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I have always had the “do whatever it takes” mentality. Before LegalShield, I spent my career in the construction business—in one capacity or another. With the intent to “be my own boss,” at the age of 45, I owned my own small construction company, and I quickly learned that only brought to my life more work, more hours, and less freedom. I was moving in the wrong direction!
In April 2011, my dad shared LegalShield with me, and it just clicked! In June that same year, I attended a group school training, and in July, the very next month, I reached the Executive Director level for the first time. By September 2011, just five months after learning about LegalShield, I began the steps of moving in the right direction!
I am not only blessed but also humbled by the success I have achieved in this short time frame. I realize there are all sorts of success stories and all sorts of timelines to reach those successes. I want my story to be one of encouragement and for everyone to know that, through LegalShield, your success awaits you! You are in control of your destiny! I love getting out of the bed every single day with the opportunity to change people’s lives. That is not work; that is a blessing!
The really cool thing is that because of my dedication to work and working hard, my successes and blessings not only benefit me and my family, but they have spread like wildfire touching and changing the lives of so many! The team that I work arm-and-arm with share these blessings, and it has changed their lives, and they share with others, and it changes their lives—and on and on!
LegalShield offers such a unique opportunity for those who believe and have a desire to change the future!
I also cannot begin to adequately thank the entire LegalShield staff for their dedication, support, and guidance that they offer to their Associates. Any question you have, any concern you have, any advice you need, any support you need—anything you need to help you grow your business—they are only a phone call away. None of us would be where we are without them! Kudos to those guys!
I want to thank my dad, Jim Allen, for opening this incredible door of opportunity for me. Without the understanding and support of my wife, Charmane, and my two children, Chase and Haley Grace, all these blessings would not have been possible. Thanks to LegalShield, I look forward to a bigger, brighter, and more successful future than this “good ol’ country boy” ever dreamed possible!
One of my sayings that anyone who knows me has heard, and it certainly applies to my belief in LegalShield, is this: “I am all over that, like a rat on a Cheeto!” The door of opportunity is open to you, too; go through it! What is on the other side can change your life forever! God bless!

*Actual LegalShield independent associate. Click here for information on generally expected earnings.