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Compare Options

Statistics and Reports

Track your business through top-level statistics.

Basic Training

Find basic training close to you.

Leadership Calls

Weekly conference calls or web presentations provide the most up-to-date information about current promotions and upcoming events. You also have access to the archive for calls you miss.

Baste Account Settings

Update your account information online.

Documents on Demand and FAQs

Access to the documents and information you need to build your business.

Presentations and Advertisements

Guidelines and tools to help you discover the best way to advertise your business.

States/Provinces at a Glance

Find the plans available where you live, and discover what licensing requirements exist for where you plan to market LegalShield products.

Associate Perks

Access to discounts and resources exclusive for LegalShield Associates (after one membership sale).

Learning Management System

LMS Access for all courses through the 300 level. Access (with fees) for 400 and 500 level courses.


Prospect by LegalShield is a complete system to collect, expose and follow-up with your warm market prospects. It is a revolutionary way to leverage the high touch of networking, with the high tech of internet marketing.