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The Opportunity

harness the drive
you've always had

Start your own business, define your own success, and achieve it with LegalShield.

When you take charge, the work is the reward.

Here’s what you’ll love about being an independent LegalShield associate:​

A product you can believe in

You’re not selling legal protection. You’re selling peace of mind. That’s how we help real people and make a difference. It couldn’t be easier for you to change a life. As soon as you sign up a member, they’re protected, and you’ll get paid the very next day. There’s no pre-paying and no waiting around for a check. The best part? There’s no physical product, so you’ll never have to store or lug around boxes of unsold items. LegalShield is simple, powerful, and just plain works.


LegalShield has a nationwide community of independent sales associates who support each other on the path to success. From your very first day, we’ll connect you with experienced local independent sales associates who will guide you with advice and tips. Attend our ongoing conferences, classes, or other events and you’ll meet thousands of people who could become mentors, role models, and friends. Do exceptionally well, and you could even meet with LegalShield board members and LegalShield executives.

Growing personally

Get smarter from day one. We start you off with extensive educational materials that teach you to sell effectively and run your own business. And that’s just the beginning. You can also attend local meet ups and regional Super Saturdays for presentations and lessons from selling pros. We also offer exclusive courses from FranklinCovey, an expert training company that works with some of the most profitable businesses in America. You’ll learn from the best there is.

Earning money & rewards

At LegalShield, you make what you’re driven to earn. Want some extra income? Go for it. Want to take charge of your future? You can make it happen. There’s no pressure and no quotas, only unlimited potential. Work hard and your earnings can increase exponentially—for life. Become a top independent sales associate and not only will you get the recognition you deserve, you’ll earn the chance to win exclusive trips and bonuses. Sell consistently well, and we’ll even pay for your new BMW.

How It Works

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Sell & Help Others

It could’ve happened to anyone. In 1969, Harland C. Stonecipher was involved in a car accident that wasn’t his fault, but he was still sued. After a stressful legal battle, Harland found that he could barely pay the legal fees. This experience gave him the determination to make affordable legal protection available to everyone, everywhere. And in 1972, LegalShield was born.


We’re in the business of changing lives. For more than 40 years, we’ve been revolutionizing the legal services industry with the aim to help people to protect themselves so they can focus on living life.
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“In my LegalShield journey, within a few years, because of writing a good volume of business and writing good business, that residual began to get higher than the monthly advances. And that’s why in the beginning of 2011, we were finally able to start to draw up plans for this house that I had in my mind.”

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