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Hi! I’m Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

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    Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Credit Education Company, Management


    I thank God for this opportunity to share my story. As a current and successful business entrepreneur of a credit education company and a former commercial real estate supervisor, my life was going well financially. Helping people was a priority for me but left little time for family or extracurricular luxuries. Attending college, I majored in corporate law, and my dream was to become an attorney; however, completing a law degree seemed so time consuming.

    In December 2006, God gave my dear friend Shontel Jackson a prophetic word of introduction and direction for my life to join LegalShield. Embracing this moment, my life began to evolve full circle.

    Immediately I became a part-time associate and made my mark two months later in the group service arena offering employee benefits. However, in 2009, my life started to shift due to the national economy and loss of jobs. Through this depression, LegalShield always ignited a spark in my heart. I continued writing memberships and stayed Performance Club qualified. Those monthly car bonus checks are great persuaders. My faith in God and belief in LegalShield kept me in pursuit of my aim.

    With God's favor, I retired from the bank before the age of 40 and haven't regressed. I'm not an attorney, but God placed me in the midst of the legal field.

    Being featured in national publications, I'm the recipient of numerous honors: National Field Trainer of the Year award; Number One Group Producer in Michigan; and Top Five Group Producers nationally, along with personally writing close to 5,000 memberships this year. I continue to climb the ladder as an Executive Director, qualifying as high as the level of Platinum 7. History was made on November 16, 2012, when I became the first African American in the state of Michigan to earn the LegalShield ring. Experiencing company-paid excursions to such places as Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Cancun (three times) and Huntington Beach are priceless moments.

    I count it an honor and blessing from God to help my family financially, volunteer and give to my church financially, and be a continual support to my team and friends. It's truly liberating being able to wake up in the mornings when I desire and not because of a need.

    My sincerest gratitude goes to the special people influential in the chronicle of my life. My mom "Queenn" and dad for their enduring love and support, my loving family and close friends Shontel Jackson, William and Sheila Byrd (Team Living Proof), my spiritual parents, Apostle Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly; the Stoneciphers; and the LegalShield Corporate Team.
    I live by this motto, "Keep it movin'!"

    *Actual LegalShield independent associate. Click here for information on generally expected earnings.